Upon her departure, White Buffalo Calf Woman prophesied that she would visit humankind again.   Her return would be foreshadowed by the birth of a rare white buffalo, marking a new era of spiritual harmony, abundance, and peace for humankind.


The legend tells of a white buffalo who first appeared to two men.  The buffalo then shape-shifted into a beautiful woman known as White Buffalo Calf Woman, a goddess.  White Buffalo Calf Woman spent time with the tribe, and she taught the tribe of the seven sacred rights, tenets of Native American tradition. She also bestowed upon them the sacred bundle, which contains a peace pipe.  The pipe is handed down through generations in anticipation of her return as it has been for thousands of years.

We wish to support Native American sovereignty and environmental safeguards. To this end, a portion of proceeds from our health and wellness products will be donated to the White Buffalo Foundation.