Illustration by Mia OhkiIllustration by Mia Ohki for MJ Lifestyle

Upon her departure, White Buffalo Calf Woman prophesied that she would visit humankind again.   Her return would be foreshadowed by the birth of a rare white buffalo, marking a new era of spiritual harmony, abundance, and peace for humankind.

“In the course of their journey, the scouts encountered a beautiful woman in their path carrying a bundle on her back. She was adorned in gleaming white buckskin, with beads that decorated her garments in the colors of the rainbow. One of the men was lascivious and without restraint, he lunged at the woman. A cloud of smoke swirled around the woman obscuring her from view, then as soon as it had arrived, the smoke lifted. In a pile before her, was all that remained of the offender—his bones. The woman then told the other still-living scout, “You may call me Ptesan-Wi,” which translates to White Buffalo Calf Woman. She asked him to return to his people and to notify them to prepare for her arrival. “I have come to Turtle Island [North America] to share the sacred teachings with you,” she explained. The man acquiesced and followed her instruction, returning to his camp with the message.”

Courtney Aura Freeman’s story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman Prophecy is viewable in MJ Lifestyle Magazine.

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