The Time Has Come.
The Native American Prophecy.
The White Buffalo Ethos
Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable, Responsible.

The WHITE BUFFALO mission is to support global respect for the healing properties of the cannabis plant in order to benefit humanity and our environment.

Through our events, civic outreach, and communications, our goal is to educate, to inspire, and to provide safe access to the healing components of plant medicine.

With dedication to successful product development, we wish to create a positive legacy for generations to come.

Biodynamic farming is a closed-loop ecological system. In this practice, the farm is self-sustaining, sourcing soil and compost from bi-products and nutrients available on the farm. Plants are grown by humans with positive intent.

While this type of cultivation methodology is not possible everywhere, we can support smaller farms that harness energy from the sun, utilize organic nutrients, nurture employees, and properly manage waste in keeping with the regenerative craft cannabis ideology.

We are careful to utilize recycled or post consumer content and renewable resources where possible. We strive to bring awareness to environmental impact in packaging choices for our products.

We are a registered Benefit corp and contribute a portion of proceeds to non-profits protecting our environment and furthering social justice.  We make decisions with consideration to how our actions will affect the next seven generations.

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